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From ACBL’s Bridge Bulletin, “Tool Kit”

These range from fairly simple to exotic and sophisticated. If you are just getting started, ignore them and look toward the bottom of the page. If you feel you are ready to start expanding. Pick one or two and add more conventions very gradually.


new minor forcing


responsive doubles

4th suit forcing 

puppet stayman 

unusual 2N

dopi,ropi and depo

jacoby transfers

texas transfers

jacoby 2NT

weak two bids

weak two bids 2

takeout double

roman keycard



overcalls part 2

negative double


cappelletti part 2

We plan to develop an archive of useful hints, presentations and documents. Some of these are things we put together for each other in our duplicate workshop that meets on Monday. Use at your own risk. We are learning.

Balancing Seat Bids

Just Getting Started? This is for you.

In the US, most of us bid using a system called Standard American or Modern Standard American.  In Modesto, we make one exception to this system when opening a minor. We bid 3 and 4 card suits up the line. So if we have 3 clubs and 3 diamonds (and no 5 card major) we open a club. Likewise, with 4 clubs and 4 diamonds, we open 1 club.  In responding to partner’s 1 club opening, we bid 4 cards suits up the line. If we have 4 diamonds and 4 hearts, we say 1 diamond (mostly). It is gives us only one thing to remember instead of two and no disadvantage.

Here is a short summary of American Standard from ACBL.  Booklet Explaining Standard American bidding You might also like  15 Words Allowed During the Bridge Auction

In order to play duplicate, you need to fill out a convention card. Here is a sample. Standard American convention card For details in how to fill out a convention card, click here.

In the 1980’s, this system was outlined by ACBL to be used at “Yellow Card” events where everyone would play exactly the same system, with no alerts or misunderstandings. It is sometimes referred to as Standard American Yellow Card. It has become widely used as a basis for modern bidding in the US and is the rule at online games, such as bridgebase (free) and OKbridge (not too expensive).

BEST ONLINE LESSONS The basics are beautifully taught on line at Even though this site was  developed and run by New Zealanders, it does a great job of teaching basic American Standard bidding. Each lesson is accompanied by 12 practice hands, which may be played with comments and help or without.

Really good fun article on Bridge Turning Tricks