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Score Books
I have made personalized score books for some of my partners and club members. These have coil bindings, 100 score sheets, calendar pages in the back, at least 1 convention card but can include as many as you like and room to make notes on bidding of particular hands.

The front cover is personalized with your name as in “Libby Longstreth Scores” , email address and phone number.  I use art work to reflect your personal interests (outside of bridge) such as dogs, cats, flowers, planes etc and make the background color whatever you like.

On the inside cover I can put personal photos.  One partner didn’t give me any photos, but liked planes so I put plane pictures.  I put a plastic sheet over the front cover so it will last. I can send refill sheets which can be bound into the book  at your neighborhood office supply store. I suppose I could also send a new calendar. Refills would probably be $15. See pictures of sample below.

Sample Score Sheet

Sample Score Sheet

Back of Score Sheet   Notes on Bidding

Back of Score Sheet
Notes on Bidding

Inside Cover

Inside Cover

outside cover

Outside Cover



I am in Las Vegas right now playing in the Nationals. When I get home, I will put up order forms and more sample pix. The book is a little long at 9″ to include space for scoring at the bottom. It can easily be made into the shorter 8″ version everyone is used to. I put places for recording bidding problems on the back of each sheet.

I am charging $35/book, will probably raise it later. The profits will go to support Unit 529 and most likely be spent on education. I am not committing to spending on education, but it is the cause that I am most passionate about.

Player Stickers
I also make name, address, player  number stickers. These come 30/sheet. There is enough room to include a small picture. On mine I have a dog. On another for one of my partners, I put a cat that looked like her cat.  These are $12/sheet right now.

I will provide a sample and ordering information to the bookseller at the Santa Clara regional coming up at the end of August.

You can call me at 209-610-7003 or email me at if you need more info.

I will create an order form with payment ability on this site. . . soon.

Any body else have anything to offer for fundraising? Let me know. Same contact info.


Donations?  We Accept! Form coming soon.

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