Modesto Bridge Center

The focal point of bridge in Modesto

So much happens here. Bridge lessons for beginners, lessons and just fun bridge for social players as well as duplicate games on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat and novice duplicate on Sun, all games start at noon and run about 3 1/2 hours.

Modesto Bridge Center

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The Modesto Bridge Center is owned and operated by Jan and Pieter Mastenbroek. It is best understood as labor of love. Their passion for bridge and for people is responsible for the success of this center.

They didn’t necessarily plan it this way. Jan started helping out a few players with their bridge games. Finally, she opened a small store front to accommodate all the people who came to her for guidance and lessons. Before long she was teaching 2 full days of lessons and fun bridge and running duplicate club games the other 4 days of the week. She outgrew 3 locations and is now testing the limits of available space at the current location at 1117 Lone Palm Ave in Modesto.

Peter brought their new puppy Winston by for a quick lesson. He was warmly received.

Peter brought their new puppy Winston by for a quick lesson. He was warmly received.

Fortunately, her husband Peter was able to retire and take over running the duplicate games which are held on Tuesday, Wednesday evening, Thursday and Saturday.

Their love of the game and the people who play it is obvious. They are ready to support the game in anyway they can. They have made the center available for teaching high school teachers what they need to start youth bridge clubs in the schools, for unit games, and for any odd bridge idea that needs a little space and advice.

Peter invests extra hours before each duplicate game, insuring that people have partners and keeping in touch with the whole group of players.

The people who play bridge here become very much like a big family. Okay, not everyone loves everyone. These are just regular folk. There is an over-riding sense that Jan and Peter have genuine respect and affection for those who attend the center.  Don’t expect this place to feel like a business, it is definitely a labor of love and we all benefit from it.

contact info 209-537-7546 or 209-575-4489 (text OK)

1117 Lone Palm, Modesto, CA

See calendar for schedule

On Mondays and Wednesdays a big group assembles to play bridge. There is a short lesson. This is a great way to meet new friends and find bridge partners for other occasions.

Some of us have a duplicate workshop in the back. Another room is dedicated to teaching beginning bridge. 

Intermediate players and just for fun bridge.

Beginning Lessons are taught on Mondays

Duplicate is on most of the other days. See schedule on calendar or call Peter (or if you want to be dutch about it, Pieter)

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