Judy’s Lessons

Judy playing hands for fun with students after lessons.

Judy playing hands for fun with students after lessons.Lesson 01 Learning the basics, part I–evaluation and opening

Lesson 02 Learning the basics, part II– responding

Lesson 03 Bidding and Responding to minor opener

Lesson 04 Opener’s rebid and Opening leads

Lesson 05 More on Opener’s rebid

Lesson 06 Bidding 1 No Trump

Lesson 07  Play, Counting Tricks

lesson 8 overcall versus take out double

lesson 9 weak two l

lesson 10 corrected bidding review part 1

lesson 11 corrected bidding review part 2

lesson 12 correctd responders rebids

lesson 13 2 club opener

lesson 13 p 2 (2)

Lesson 13

lesson 14 stayman

lesson 15 blackwood…corrected

lesson 16 finished no trump review

lesson 17 reversing the auction finished lesson l

lesson 18 new neg double

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